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Control the Weather

  • Client: Warner Brothers

Immerse in severe weather events and share in 360°.

Sneaky Pete Lie Detector Test

  • Client: Amazon

Inviting would-be con artist to take the ultimate lie detector test.

Interactive Driving Simulator

  • Client: Volkswagen

Hop into the experience and witness firsthand the thrill of driving a Volkswagen in an realistic and engaging ride.

I'm a video game junkie and a tech enthusiast

What am I doing now?

I've been in the advertising industry for over 6 years. I've had a lot of fun working on flashy and ambitious projects with ridiculously short timelines. Projects in the advertising industry are often about problem solving and finding efficient solutions for small teams to tackle, and it is in this environment were I have acquired my very flexible skill set and forged my expertise. As a passionate gamer working in the advertising industry, I have jumped on the flow of gamified experiences and tech gadgets. My weapons of choice are game engines, whether the end result is to be displayed in a traditional screen, a VR headset, or an AR experience.

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